• About Amy Adams (amyincluj)

    Amy Adams (aka amyincluj) is a painter and new media artist. Born and raised in the New York metropolitan area, she now lives & works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She has exhibited work in various venues in the USA and Europe, and she has participated in global virtual projects & exhibitions.


    Concurrent to her painting practice, since 2015 she has focused her research and practice on newer art forms that were not either readily available or possible previously - creating works where tradition meets technology. The experiments not only create new media works, they have had a direct impact on how she paints.

    The human experience has been a recurring theme in her work, ranging from heart-wrenching emotion to the absurd. Her work is largely Influenced by both the Medieval art and Modern art epochs.

    Under the supervision of Ioan Sbarciu, she completed her Master's degree in painting in 2008 at the University of Art & Design, Cluj-Napoca (Academia de Arte Vizuale Ion Andreescu.)

    On Art

    We give meaning to our own lives and art is like that. We create the meaning. Thus my goal is to allow the viewer to have their own experience. My work in both traditional and new media is meant to give the viewer a point of departure to feel something. To me, that is the point of my practice, which is rooted in tradition but experimental.


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