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A magazine cover, a deer and a heptagram: Mandala Art

Art process resulting in a mandala - 12 Dec 2016 in Art

My full-time job is to make art, mostly fine art and sometimes graphics commercially. Recently researching some old vintage holiday images that are in the public domain for holiday greetings for both a client and myself as well, I came across a cover from The Ladies Home Journal and a variety of reindeer images. The mandala shown below is one of the resulting images from my digital experiments. There are a few refinements to be made but this is to show you the process. Scroll down to see a series of images and the process.

Mandala original art by amy adams aka amyincluj - artwork - december 2016

First, I decided to combine 2 different images to create a new one. After processing the initial images through probably 10-15 different filters, I chose the following resulting images to work from. The next images show the magazine cover and the filtered version and below this the final filtered version of the deer and its original too.

process of creation using pd image transforming with deep dream this is just one step

The next steps were to cut out the new deer and to cut out the girl combine various parts to create a new whole images.

graphic art process to create a new media artwork by amyincluj aka amy adams
graphic art process to create a new media artwork by amyincluj aka amy adams
graphic art process to create a new media artwork by amyincluj aka amy adams

The resulting image and then another version with a greener tone. Then the next steps were making some mandalas that would stand alone using mirroring. I chose 7 as the number of mirrors since I like the symbolism of a seven-pointed star. If you google it, here is the simple explanation:

The seven-pointed star (or, alternately, septa gram or heptagram) has accumulated many levels of meaning over the centuries. One of the oldest recorded meanings given to this star may be found within Kabbalistic tradition, where it represents the sphere of Venus and the power of love.

You can read more about the symbolism of a heptagram on Wikipedia here.

Here are various experiments and levels of the creation of the mandala:

Mandala art by Amy  Adams aka amyincluj
Mandala art by Amy M. Adams 2016 - art - amyincluj

I also created a gif.

mandala gif art by artist amy adams aka amyincluj

Mandala art by Amy M. Adams 2016

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If you like my art and want to commission a work, buy one of my pieces (painting, drawing and new media works) please contact me at I'll be adding my art that is for sale on the site in a buy art section - in the meantime, you can learn more about pricing and styles available just click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and view the art.

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