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A world without art can lead to unforeseen consequences!

Friedrich Nietzsche is notable for having declared that 'God is dead' and for having written several of his works in the presumption that man must find a new mode of being given the death of God. [1] Walter Gropius[2] an architect and founder of the Bauhaus said that about art too -

AZ Quotes - Walter Gropius ART IS DEAD

Like Nietzsche, Gropius really was calling for a new model from which to view and experience art and that was almost 100 years ago. It isn't art that is dead, our old ways of experiencing it simply no longer work and with all of the changes in how we live from day to day, somehow along the way, it seems like people forgot that art matters.

In 2015, I dedicated several months to researching and writing a 30-page grant proposal for an art space that worked with my community to bring art into public spaces. The grant was meant to also create a website to share what we learned and help other communities replicate our experiences. After submitting the proposal, realising that I needed to be able to speak on the subject in under 1 minute. Thus, I took a storytelling class to help me to express my sentiments. It's easy to feel it in your heart and harder to express it in words.

One of our assignments in the storytelling class was to prepare a video. So I made a longer video and an excerpted short version and posted both of them to Vimeo. The short version shared here is an informative yet humourous one-minute segment from the longer video. It is filled with art by modern masters and includes several of my works and 1 work by David Fisher used with his permission.

The longer video has a lot of commentary about why we need art centres, not the old stodgy institutions but spaces for artists and people in the community, spaces that connect art with the public and the public and artists with the community.

Unfortunately, in the 21st century, art remains a sector that doesn't get the funding it deserves or needs. The good news is that many different groups and organisations are being formed and bringing art to public spaces. Over the next few monthsI will be sharing a series of articles about art and the resulting research that concerns public art, how we experience art and more.

Finally, here is an image that shows which works in the video were created by me -

Artist Amy Adams aka amyincluj -  a series of the artist's original artworks, images that are shown in the Story of Art short video

Funding was denied and after dedicating months to this project along with 2 other artists, one in southern Romania and another in China, the project has been abandoned. The idea was to make all of our research and models available to anyone else in the world who would use them to make art happen in their communities. Unfortunately the reader of my proposal doesn't think that art matters - I'm not an egoist and can say honestly that the proposal was fucking awesome, logical, reasonable and the project had it come to fruition would have impacted thousands of people - more than thousands. As much as I don't want to be a 'starving' artist, I am not independentl wealthy and cannot afford to continue on this trajectory for now. I'm also not dead yet so maybe it will happen in the future. I'm just not able to to fight the universe on this one. There is a time to perservere and a time to put something aside.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. If you would like to share why you think art matters, please comment below. If you like this post and want to see more, please subscribe to my posts and please share it with your friends too!

You can find more of my art on instagram and twitter.


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All images still and moving shown in both videos are used under fair use. All images by modern masters shown in the video are in the public domain. Other images include my own artwork (8 artworks) and one artwork is credited to another living artist David Fisher. The original marmot video was originally posted by Lone Goat Soap and then remixed with dubbed screams by Andrea Larosa.

9 Sep 2016 in Art

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