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Acrylic Painting: A 1980's Singer

Do you know who?

The majority of my paintings and drawings come from my imagination. Sometimes I look in the mirror for structure to see where bones are supposed to be, etc. and once in awhile make a painting of a 'real' person. In August, I painted this portrait of a singer who is still popular today but made it big in the 1980's. This is my tribute to her since her music has 'accompanied' me painting and inspired my Kasper Hauser series c. 2006/7.

portrait of Suzanne Vega on Wood Panel by artist Amy Adams aka amyincluj

Portrait, acrylic and tempera paint on wood panel, 30 x 30 cm/11,81 x 11, 81 inches, © Amy Adams Art

Even in 2016, I still work whilst listening to her music at times.

So, do you know who she is?

Well I gave it away by posting a video of probably her best known song above, since after all, maybe you are a reader who is younger and haven't heard her music? or maybe you're older and haven't heard of her? although I doubt that :)

If you like her music or you like the art, share a thought in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read about and view my art. If you want to see more subscribe to my posts here and/or find me on Instagram and Twitter. You can contact me when you click here.


8 Sep 2016 in Art

© Amy Adams Art

8 Sep 2016 in Art

© Amy Adams Art

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