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An unexpected art series: Portraits

Tori Amos

New Media Digital Art work printed on paper by artist Amy Adams derived from her original art portrait of Tori Amos 2016 - amyincluj
Tori Blue, new media portrait of Tori Amos 2016 by Amy M. Adams

Making art for me is usually done in a series. Sometimes a break from the series is needed or when I'm testing out new materials, this work is part of a series that I didn't even realise I was making :-) until a few months passed. It's a series of portraits of musicians, songwriters and composers that I enjoy listening to whilst working. This summer it started with Aurora, then Suzanne Vega and now Tori Amos. Click on their names to see the art.

Having purchased some new paint pens, I felt like testing them out on paper. Normally they are used for details in my paintings. So I made the drawing shown below and then photographed it and processed it through google's deepdream algorithm via the dreamscopeapp. You can use their preset filters or create your own. I usually run an image through both presets and my own custom filters and then manipulate and/or combine or modify the images in GIMP a free and open source software similar to Photoshop. However in this case, there was no need to modify this furthur, only some cropping was in order. I'm calling it Tori Blue.

Tori Amos portrait on black paper (her look during the 1990s) by artist amy adams aka amyincluj

The cropped version of my Tori Amos portrait on black paper.

Let me know what you think in the comments. If you want to see more subscribe to my posts here and/or find me on Instagram and Twitter. You can contact me when you click here. Thanks for taking the time to view my artwork and read the article.

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