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Kelly Thomas: One of Many

The son of a former police officer, homeless & schizophrenic

Mentally ill, a diagnosed schizophrenic man named Kelly Thomas, the son of a retired police officer, is the subject of the artworks shown here. Kelly Thomas was one of many people who were killed by police in the USA in recent years. Unfortunately we are hearing more and more about police committing crimes against humanity. Maybe they were doing it all along and technology has simply brought it to light. It doesn't matter to Kelly Thomas because he is dead.

Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by police in California. The police were recorded and shown putting on gloves before they began to beat him. His murder was filmed and made public. The police officers even knew him, he was a known homeless man in the neighbourhood. The police got away with murder even though evidence clearly showed their crime and obvious guilt.

Something that wasn't reported much if at all in the press with the story of the theft of his life - one of the perpertators himself was previously shot and the person who shot this police officer was convicted and sentenced to an unreasonable amount of time for his crime, I say unreasonable since how is that this P.O. gets off for murdering a scared homeless man.

Here are two works from the project that were in memorial of Kelly Thomas. The first is a painting on stretched canvas and the second is a new media work.

Kelly Thomas, acrylic & tempera canvas, 50x70 cm/19.7x27.6 inches, 2014

Kelly Thomas, New Media Print on Cotton and Ink, 2014

I wanted to share theses artworks here today because as an artist, we often try to provoke conversations by evoking emotions through our works.

Not all my work is 'pretty' but it's real. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you want to see more of my art, please subscribe to my newsletter and/or find me on Instagram or Twitter. Thanks for taking the time to view my work. You can email me when you click here.

Kelly Thomas' Story

I've included several links about the reality behind the story here:

He used words like Sir and please and complied with police and still they beat him.

Please be advised the following video is GRAPHIC watching it (someone be beaten to death murdered) can change you, you can't unsee it once you see it so you have been warned. Sadly it is the truth.


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