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So you want to learn about a particular artist or even a theme. MOMA has an entire learning center that you can immerse yourself in on-line. I’ve put together this page to help you find some key pages as their site is quite large. First links listed are ARTISTS, THEMES, DEFINITIONS, BLOG & COLLECTIONS. Another FREE resource that they offer on their site are previews to several books on various artists, movements and exhibitions. These are invaluable PDFs, many with beautiful colour illustrations. Learn more about the PDFs here.

They also have a multimedia section (I find that particular page only really good for random things they are featuring) and often entire interactive sites dedicated to an exhibitions. You can easily find them when you are viewing an exhbition (not under the artists page as that is usually some artworks in their collection) on their site. Here is the primary exhibitions page that is first a sort of table of contents –

You click on what you like and then explore the various media. It can be as simple as a specific painting or a fully loaded interactive experience such as The Jacob Lawerence exhibit -1st column is the main page that talks about the exhibition (this is where you find the link to the exhibition’s own page) and the 2nd is the link for the full interactive site:

Secret Portal

Okay it’s not really a secret portal but it is truly a hidden gem that you will be happy and surprised to find, the MoMA research project the public face of C-MAP: Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives, a research project at MoMA that explores art across geographies.

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