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New Media: Dog Girl

Dog Girl 3 is a new media work that uses traditional and digital technology to create a work. If you've read any of my posts, you will see that most of my work employs traditional methods of creation, primarily painting and drawing. Yet, experimenting with technology and exploring new media forms is important to me. This work started with a coloured drawing (scroll down to view.)

Dog Girl - New Media Art by artist Amy Adams aka amyincluj

Dog Girl 3, New Media, 2016, Amy Marie Adams

Layering is one of the methods used to incorporate the filtered image but it doesn't end there, in this instance the girl's head was increased in size and cropped, as well as other editing techniques for colouring and refining the image.

Beginning with the drawing and then using varying digital processes including Google's open source neural network deep dream, the image was transformed into a new media work.

Dog Girl - Original Art by artist Amy Adams aka amyincluj - pastel drawing on paper

Dog Girl, original pastel drawing, 42x30cm, 2016, Amy Marie Adams

Here is the deep dream image that I chose to incorporate in the final image. Scroll down for a collection of filtered images that were created and considered for use in the final image.

iteration of deep dream art that was layered and incorporated with the original pastel drawing amy adams art amyincluj

There are so many variations we can make using this technology but it is the best variation, the one that becomes reality and is placed into the physical world as an original digital artwork through printing it on fine art papers.

some of the iterations of the deep dream art process of the dog girl - original art by amy adams amyincluj

Let me know if you use digital processes to make art or simply what you think in the comments below. If you want to see more you can subscribe to my newsletter. If you want to see more subscribe to my posts here and/or find me on Instagram and Twitter. You can contact me when you click here. Finally I wanted to share some relevant links so if you are interested in experimenting with deep dream, you can too!

Google's Deep Dream

Goggle released their code in the summer of 2015 and since then a few different websites have popped up that will allow you to create your own deep dream images. Many have presets and also allow you upload your own image to create unique effects.

Check out the following sites and add them to your artist's toolbox:

If you want to experiment further with deep dream and you are technically inclined you can get the code from github here.

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