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Painting process, portrait of the Cosmic Goddess


One of my favourite quotes comes from a book title by Jon Kabat-Zinn -

Wherever you go there you are.

So there we are, our conciousness may have arrived in the present moment in 'reality,' yet the reality of a painting is that there is a process, a beginning and an ending.

We all have to begin somewhere.

Where a painting begins and ends is sometimes deemed good or bad by my inner critic, but there is no judgement here. In this post, it is simply the process. Here are 5 images in order of how the human figure's face in my work Cosmic Goddess with Amphibians and Reptiles evolved. The cosmic goddess becomes the cosmic goddess after the fact and comes from my imagination. Sometimes in my work an actual person is a point of reference, still, the majority of the time 'people' in my paintings and drawings are from my imagination.

Cosmic Goddess with Reptiles and Amphibians is one of the paintings completed in August 2016, for a series entitled Extinct and Endangered that I am currently working on, it is an acrylic and tempera painting on stretched canvas. The full size of the work measures 120x80 cm.

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