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Process and memory

2 paintings that simply are memories of times past

During the period of 2007 and 2008 I worked on a series of oil paintings entitled Embrace. Two of the paintings were of a young couple, Stefan and Gabi. They aren't a couple any longer and even the ornamental gate that was once standing in my city have disappeared, the buildings were torn down.

Here are a series of images from one of the paintings that show the process and below them you can see the second 1 process image and 1 final image of the 2nd painting.

first underpainting and completed oil painting of Stefan and Gabi - painting process - amy adams art - amyincluj
Old door and the underpainting - painting process and reference - amy adams art - amyincluj
underpainting and final painting oil on canvas - artist amy adams - amyincluj - art - oil paintings

Only that moment in time remains as paintings.

Thank you for taking the time to view some of my paintings.

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