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The shadow

a part of our nature

We all have a shadow side, sometimes we balance it with our 'light' and sometimes it dominates us. We can't deny it. I hoped to capture the shadow in this work and in a gif especially (see the twitter link for the gif below the video since there were technical problems with niume.) The work is based on the drawings shown below and was based on a character from a film.

Here is a detail from the original pastel portrait, the full sized drawing measures approximately 30cm H x 42 cm W (scroll down for the full original drawing as well)

shadow an untitled portrait by amy adams art aka amyincluj - pastel on paper original art 2016

Untitled, Pastel and conte crayon on paper, 2016, © Amy M. Adams

pastel portrait drawing by amy adams art amyincluj

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read about and view my art. If you want to see more subscribe to my posts here and/or find me on Instagram and Twitter. You can contact me when you click here.

The shadow, a part of our nature, 27 Sep 2016

#original #artistic #portrait #visual
© Amy Adams Art

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