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Untitled New Media Work: The light within seeps through him now.

8 Oct 2016 in Art

Derived from my original oil painting, Luminous Being (20x20 cm), from a few years ago. This new media version, even though made after the first seems more like a precursor to the painting, as if the light is only beginning to seep through.

the light seeps through him now - original art by amy adams - new media - amyincluj - art

Untitled, New Media, 2016 artist: Amy M. Adams (a/k/a amyincluj & yami)

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to view my art and if you like it, please share this work on the social media outlets. I really appreciate the support. To see more art and other posts please subscribe to my mailing list. You can also find me on twitter and instagram.

This is an original new media work and like many of my works, they are available for sale. It is not a 'print'edition but limited to 2 actual artworks that come into physical reality. One is for sale and the other is kept in my archives. If you're interested in purchasing any of my works or would like to commission a work, please email me here on Niume or contact me by clicking here. You can find all my contact details on the home page.

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