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What dogs think or give me biscuits

an illustration that became a T-shirt that helps support dog rescue efforts

My dogs Kiki and Nerica find their way into my art at times. This is a composite of both of them, begging for biscuits since it's one of their daily duties as dogs.

dogs need homes!!

Give Me Biscuits, 2016 an illustration by Amy Adams a/k/a Yami

NUCA a rescue organisation was instrumental in me finding and adopting Kiki and helping me rescue Nerica from the street in my neighbourhood. I am forever indebted to them. The work that they do is pretty amazing. Volunteers run the org. They accept donations so I put the illustration T-shirts and hoodies on Threadless and any money that is made from their sale is donated to NUCA.

I posted this in December 2016 and from a few T-shirt sales and 1 hoody the supporters got t-shirts and around 65 euros went to NUCA. The sole purpose of this design is to support the orgs. Depending on which product is purchased the donation can range from $3-$15 per product that goes to the org. So if you ever want a quality T with a cute dog and you want to support dog rescue efforts at the same time, check out the site. They are high-quality shirts, ship world-wide and are affordable - prices start at $18.

Above is the men's black T-shirt @ $20

Shown above is the men's tri-blend t-shit priced @ $27

Click on the link above to read about Chelsea, Kiki and Nerica

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and see the art. Please share this and help support dogs because dogs need homes.

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